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Non-ferrous metals

At Trigg Brothers we offer top prices for all of your waste Non-Ferrous metals and alloys, we specialise in the removal from site of all of the below stated grades and more. We offer the siting of containers of all sizes to suit your needs and a fast efficient turn around of containers and skips to give you the most efficient service you will find in the UK and Europe.

Our business is varied from long term contracts to one off collections and all prices can be linked to the LME. Please contact us to discuss prices for your waste Non-Ferrous metals and alloys or to receive a quote for our services.

Please contact us to enquire about this service, or to recieve a free visitation, free advice and valuation
Below is a list of the Non-ferrous metals we deal in:
Copper/cable and wire
Dry Bright Copper Heavy Copper Copper tube Braziery Copper
Low grade cable Household cable High grade cable Armoured cable
No 2 Copper wire Clean flat electro Copper CRT cones Copper/alu radiators
Clean HE9 Alu Painted HE9 alu H30 Alu wheels
Commercial pure Alu Cast Alu Old Rolled Alu Alu/Cu radiators
Thermal break Irony Alu Alu cans Alu radiators
Mixed Brass Rod Swarf No 2 Brass swarf Brass/Cu radiators
Comm Phosphor bronze Phosphor Bronze borings Gunmetal Gunmetal borings
Alu/bronze solids Lead Lead Acid batteries Zinc
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 316 Stainless steel 309 Stainless Steel 310
Stainless steel 904L Stainless steel 440 Stainless steel 430 Stainless Steel 410
Stainless steel 409 Stainless steel 301 Stainless steel 305 Stainless steel 312
Stainless steel 321 Stainless steel 317 Stainless steel 2304 Stainless steel 2205
Stainless steel 1925hMo/6MO Stainless steel 254SMO All variant grades of above Stainless steel Chrome iron
Precious metals and alloys
Inconel 600 Inconel 617 Inconel 625 Inconel 718
Inconel X-750 Tantalum Molybdenum Duplex alloys
Super duplex alloys Titanium Tungsten PCBs
Micro processors Motherboards RAM All other alloys