Registered Ferrous and non-ferrous merchants since 1975

Responsibilities & policies

Trigg Brothers operates a full health and safety policy that meets all the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work, ect Act 1974 (HSWA). We comply with all relevant subordinate legislation, and meet all the requirements of publications and instructions to facilitate the implementation of health and safety policy throughout our area of business. It is Trigg Brothers aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all of its employees and subcontractors through the application of its policies.

Trigg Brothers are committed to leading the UK metal recycling industry in minimizing the impact its activities have on the environment.

We are committed to improving the image of the waste metal recycling industry through our high standards of environmental concern and through the correct application of our environmental policy, both in our immediate area and our wider business concerns.

Trigg Brothers applies a policy of total quality to all of its business. We value our customers and welcome feedback on all our products and services. From initial customer contact to completion of services we offer a friendly, common sense approach to all of our customers recycling needs. Our policy of ‘through life’ service ensures a constant contact and our systems of work, as well as those of our subcontractors are in line with ISO 9001 guidelines.

Trigg Brothers are an equal opportunities employer. We respect diversity in business and the benefits it brings.

Trigg Brothers aim to:

“Treat all of our workers and customers fairly irrespective of race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or social background”

We recognise that individuals from diverse backgrounds can offer fresh ideas, new perceptions, and harbour skills and attributes that benefit all. In summary our policy is: