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Computer Recycling

Currently the UK disposes of around 1 million tonnes of Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) per year. The days of land filling this type of waste is coming to an end however we still have to be careful of where our WEEE ends up in order to help the environment. With this in mind Trigg Brothers offer a service that takes the burden off you and gives you total peace of mind when disposing of your redundant computers and IT equipment.

Trigg Brothers offer a professional service that collects waste IT and computers from all areas of business and commerce, from schools and colleges to small and large businesses. We ensure that all data stored on the items we recycle is wiped to US military specifications using the latest technology, all identity marks are removed were applicable and what can be reused is reused in order to reduce the amount that is needlessly wasted. We offer a nationwide service using uniformed personnel and with minimum disruption to your work routine. We do not send any waste IT to landfill.

Trigg Bros operates in line with all UK legislation regarding the disposal and recycling of WEEE. Our professional services are licensed by the Environment Agency. Trigg Bros operate a comprehensive data destruction policy that satisfies both the UK data protection act and UK WEEE legislation.

Trigg Bros ensures that once your IT equipment has left your premises it is securely kept, our representative will catalogue your equipment and store it securely before issuing you with a transfer note. Once at our secure premises your equipment will be sorted before being purged of all data and marking by our technicians. Once this is done your equipment will then be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.